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TS2 Mission / To Do List

Posting this here to keep myself motivated and to let others know what's happening.
1. Install TS2 (and make sure everything works)
2. Install SimPe
3. Go to MATY and get the essential mods DONE
4. Check out the best finds lists
5. Dig through everybody's archives on LJ, DW and tumblr
6. Download stuff
7. Re-create my favourite family
8. PLAY Add downloads and then play
9. Try to scavenge my old projects http://grobpodriguje.dreamwidth.org/2804.html


Sep. 5th, 2012

It's rather amusing how many spam comments I've got since I stopped being that active in the community. I'm thinking about deleting this account and keeping only the DW one because of this little problem. Medications, vacations and certain body part enlargement pills are not on the list of stuff this blog is about. I'm guessing this happens when an account is inactive for some time.

So, this is just a notification in case somebody's still reading. (I truly hope I'm not gone forever although it's taking me so long to resume everything.) If the spam problem doesn't stop I'll probably shut this page in a week or so.

Lots of kisses.


RomAc default coffee mugs

Floppy diskettes

floppy info

These were WCIF'd at GoS by Prah, but since they were nowhere to be found, I said I'd make them. I'm so sorry it took me over two months. D: They're basegame compatible, all other info is in screenshot. As always, if there's any problem with the meshes, please let me know.

Credits: textures are from stock.xchng

 Just to tell that I bought new motherboard yesterday. I think I'll be able to install everything needed before 12th, which is the last day to apply for Christmas in July. \o/ Wish me luck. I hope I still know how to clone objects in SimPe.


We had a thunderstorm today and a goddamn lightning hit somewhere near my place. My TV and comp are both gone, I'm afraid. Absolutelly nothing works ('cept my phone and luckily the fridge).

Now you know what's going on. If you need to contact me to ask about something or report problem, my mail is grobrobber[at]gmail[dot]com. But please understand that I won't be able to fix anything.

I'm gonna miss you peeps. When I get out of this mess, I'll let you know.


ToU & Disclaimer

The only thing I'm asking from you is to keep my stuff as far as possible from paysites. I'd like my creations to remain free. Thank you.

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